Diamond City Games kick off Jan. 19 win 351 gold

Diamond City Games kick off Jan. 19 win 351 gold

        Petchburi kick off with national sport student at ผลบอล Diamond Games 19 Jan 32 cities. This is 31 kinds of sport competitions win 351 gold medals, with ground beef is a traditional animal mascot named Thomas "I palm, with "Nong apple" will begin racing on Jan 19-28.

     Dr., Deputy Director of National Development, the predominant Uฤdi Department of Physical Education Press conference as president of Student Sports. National Student No. 32 "City Diamond Games", with the Commercial Male Porn species. Governor of Phetchaburi province, Sinlapachai Nil Mani Vice President Sports, Petchaburi, Nakhon Apinan new Sen, Director, Office of Sports Tournament host Petchaburi. Press conference at the conference room Suphachalasai. National Stadium on January 14 last.


     Sports National Student No. 32 was held to encourage students to have the opportunity to train themselves to step up to compete at the youth national team for the "City Diamond Games" competition during Jan 19-28. . 54 Total 31 kinds of sports gamers.


     Including athletics, golf, karate - do, bike, sepak takraw, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, Eneboe, basketball, badminton, petanque, football, men - women, futsal Male - Female, Amateur Muaythai, boxing amateur , weightlifting, gymnastics, art, gymnastics style, judo, rugby, soccer, dancing, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball.


     Swimming, wushu, wood ball, snooker, hockey and handball while shooting sports competition, sports demonstrations, Ratchaburi the two types of pieces around the beach and handball. The debate all of the gold medal with 351 บอล officers and 7,280 athletes from 10 area of people to compete.


     Diamond Games for the city with ground beef animal is indigenous. Lucky animals (Thomas mascot) called "my palm" and "brother apple" is the name of a well-known host of Petchaburi on the facilities and accommodation are to help the police. Security both inside and outside the field. As well as providing field training and competition. Training coaches and judges all kinds of sport before the competition starts.


     Concurrent with the Commercial Male Porn varieties of diamonds that the city has left a welcome to all the brothers, Phetchaburi and nearby provinces to join the students and the encouragement for students. The descendants of the inhabitants of diamonds and other provinces. To be the future of the country. It also wants to invite people to come together to watch the games know that, Phetchaburi natural attractions. The mountains and the sea. The apple fruit is recommended that diamonds are the rainbow effect. The most delicious in the world. Hands back home as souvenirs, as well.

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