Throw Statement 150 L Sakhon invent a new course to boost Thai Union against express statements

Throw Statement 150 L Sakhon invent a new course to boost Thai Union against express statements 0.2.


     "Junk arrogant" Samut FC Team Dog Health Central Zone was 0.2 B. Thai Union Frozen. Manufacturer and exporter of seafood drive attached statements Car logo flower for 5 years worth of 5 million new stadium that used to play games in the home improvement is in the ground. Believe fans are defi ผลบอล nitely increasing.

       Active Team "junk arrogant" Samut FC team in the Central and Eastern Zone has the latest news on the new sponsors come Grants team next year, sources inside the club's "arrogant junk" FC Sakhon said.
                "In the upcoming 2011 season the team will have good news on. B. Thai Union Frozen. Manufacturer and exporter of frozen seafood's largest province Samut Sakhon Club will sponsor a season since 2011 onwards, the agreement is expected next chest logo shirt for 5 years worth of 5 million Baht
         It also received financial support from a team of beer Leo 2.5 hundred thousand more in the initial LEO will support a year in terms of male players. I also want to add a forward position. The team are aiming for zero feet, good front to add at least two cases, but can not disclose details such as Thai or foreign players, but in other places. Considered relatively fit already. Expected in late January about clubs are ready to launch officially next team. "
  Rang the new home is under smooth

       In addition, the new stadium of the team that has improved the stadium floor. Samut Sakhon is new. Now, the last club was prepared to hire a golf course to adjust the floor. Order will be deemed complete. The bleachers have to wait again for the budget period.
         Rooms on the athletes have prepared the container adapted to a room. Before the temporary stay. Including plans to launch a souvenir shop inside the field with the team believes that the new nest. Required standards in the บอล field over the past year and certainly in close proximity to major. Community should be easy access that fans are expected to increase over the past year certainly

       In the latest developments in building a new home rang Orange as Prime Mapkha district, Rayong is the list of properties last year Thung Amue Rangsee Deputy LTD. Team announced a clarification on that at this. This course will build upon our capacity. Both sides of the bleachers. The improvement in this field, we spend no less than 150 million, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year, certainly.

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