Lamp does not turn off chance Dolly King Kenny Hong permanent control

Lamp does not turn off chance Dolly King Kenny Hong permanent control.

        Damian Da Lamp Dolly director Kenny Liverpool ผลบอล does not turn off chance Dalglish Uunsืo oppose for a time Control teams will act permanent. If you can work well in the points this season, "King Kenny" qualified in all respects. And will have final authority in buying - selling all the players themselves.

     Dalglish was appointed to act temporarily Uunsืo control team finish this season after Liverpool recently released joint hot Ridge Lodge out of position. After the team performing poor extreme since come to Anfield and the latest lamp Dolly was revealed that former top spearheading age 59 years have the opportunity to sit in the chair, boss of "Liverpool" is a permanent also. together.
     "What we need is. Who would suit the club and the philosophy of play and ability to manage third party that is most important for the club. It is open to people that we think is appropriate to what I said remove it and Kenny was with that condition, "Dolly said lamp.
     Question that Dalglish will be considered or not Surface Dolly said "the answer is yes, it will be looking at the things we want to do. Goal that we want to We'll talk with Kenny about it and see if we will reach the point where ".
     Molly cattle confirmed that Dalglish will decide on buying - selling the players themselves all the time, adding that this duty. "We talk about how we work and we talked and exchanged at all. Change of ideas. "
     "As I said all along that if Kenny is not happy with the players we think will make the team better. Or he thinks that it is not the right time. It depends on the manager to say he was not satisfied. We do not have the opportunity to talk about buying - selling players to Kenny, because everything that happened. "
     "We are working on this issue. (Target acquisition) บอล and to trace the owner and I have to adjust to date with Kenny for what happened. But I do not think it would have happened. Because it is a very difficult market and we have to be careful with what we do, "Dolly said lamp.

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