Cichartoeuแegy! Strike ghost took off West remained home-ROM, 2-1 defeat.

Cichartoeuแegy! Strike ghost took off West remained home-ROM, 2-1 defeat.
"Red devil" Manchester United to form viscous win out when it is heavier than the slice-West Co-ROM Visual Weir 2-1 ha "Shi Charles River Auto, A's left for Sue De sperm sub strike goal again after Wayne Rooney was shooting, open-play is the first time since March last year and took the team stretched out to another defeat without statistics ผลบอล.

West Co-ROM Visual 1-2 Manchester United.

     Venue: The Horse The North Star.

     Roberto The Matteo is a Chris runs out penalty flat back down the field again, but the panel behind Gabriel paint mask and a hot Salo Hara stick penalty flat both the need. Pablo using the Electronic Door Ey left and Paul Tea Corner Center stands as a half-pair instead.

     Side Sir Alex Ferguson sent Thomas covered a ZAP C to guard towers instead of Edwin van der Sar, while Raphael da Silva has room to Gary Neville was down. right instead of standing back as Gabriel Barry O has a different need to walk down along the line of active game.

     3 minutes from Manchester United to 1-0 from the moment Gabriel O-Bear to take a different ball up the left side of the penalty area and then flow back a la carte River left waist Camera built up a high fly ball to open in the middle. Direct past Czech full back up to head home Wayne Rooney to escape the ground, heading, ricochet hand Scott CARSON into the two towers. The first goal from a stroke a regular game of Rooney since March last year, with

     13 minutes West Co-ROM 1-1 of visual rivalry by putting a long ball from the back of the Czech border to Peter O. Deck Wing Kee, but being new drugs Cinema Video Fishing, heading first. Ball comes to the deluge James Morrison beat boom with the right one from outside the penalty area. Insert the corner of the pillar jump ball cleanly first covered a Zack Thomas c and intelligence to prevent disease.

     Interchangeable fun game open 23 minutes West, home to fast-ROM Visual Auto Jerome Thomas SOB opportunities from outside the penalty area pull the trigger. But to a fly ball to win.

     Host has completed 26 minutes again, Chris is running out to shovel the ball from Michael Eric Car from the middle field Before dragging the ball came to face the penalty area. Immediately pull the trigger from 25 yards บอล distance across the beam to only a few balls.

     During the second minute. Of first half injury time in the West Co-ROM has a chance to win again, I Wish Oh Deck New Wing Kee scoop the ball down the middle of the field. Through open channels to Graham Door Rennes full run up by Saddam left the ball in the penalty area but the mesh siding.

     Timeout in the first 45 minutes West Co-ROM visual host a par with Manchester United is 1-1.

     53 second half minutes, you leave the place better than the left-side corner kick open the door to Paul Tea Corner penalty spot strike jump ball jump off the back pillar trim just draw

     62 minutes West Co-ROM rat visual lead from the penalty spot when they beat Rio. The information furnished to stand for Grand Jerome Thomas fell down, but Peter O Deck New Wings Hockey player fired the ball off too, leaving behind a pillar can not win.

     75 minutes is the red devil out to 2-1 when Wayne Rooney opened the door to the corner hardware platform. "The wealth of Chicha Auto" A's for faster de Mong Tung open any net

     Min 80 games the red devil to play loose and Hwid hit when Cher Rome Thomas dragged the ball to beat in the framework blame Thomas covered a ZAP exhausted right safe but Cinema drugs Video help to extract out of. immediately.

     Last minute Wayne Rooney will play hurt if he did not, but director Wai Chu labels carry pain 5 minutes of Fergie Uedฟan to help the team.

     The rest flocked to penetrate hard, but not Dyong night, ending the game Man U win the Knight International Limited invade West Co-ROM collection visual 2-1 victory outside the game 2 of 9 shots and did not lose anyone. Ja to the masses.

     List of players both teams.

     West Co-ROM Visual: Scott CARSON - Stephen Reed, Paul Tea Corner, Pablo Impact Bun Ey left, to direct Czech Republic - James Morrison, Chris. a home run out, U Super Luck new software, Moody Blue, Graham Door Rennes, Jerome Thomas - Peter O Deck New Wing Kee.

     Manchester United: Thomas Kun send Zack C - Gary Neville, Cinema drugs Video Beach, Rio Furnish The long Dowd, a la carte River left waist Bora, Michael Cars, Rick, a Daniel. COPD, Darren flex safe Fischer, Gabrielle Barry-O to a different, not paint The Lofts Harbour League, Wayne Rooney.

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