Disciples, "Red Army"

Disciples, "Red Army" Seng follow the same after Wayne Rooney spearheading the blood boiling, Manchester United were injured ankle, left in the game winning West Co-ROM visual Al Bia 2. -1 on Saturday ผลบอล last. Resulting in all the right help concerned Ebraๆ 2 weeks ever.

Wayne Rooney England striker of Manchester United soccer powers of the Premier League. Sun break again after the ankle injury that left in the game cut West Co-ROM Visual AL premiums as 2-1 on Saturday, January 1 last. Results in 2 weeks to recover the body.

"Runes" makes shooting the "Red Devil" บอล from 3 minutes in this match but unfortunately after the injury to Chris connector to run out and need to cure the sideline. And have to walk a mine dart Lok act Phe into the field again, as the male Manchester United reserve player now.

Sir Alex Ferguson Borom Uunsืo "red devil" to see the injuries of the disciples loved that. "This injury, it seems that he would ever have to stay two weeks."

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