Diamond City Games kick off Jan. 19 win 351 gold

Diamond City Games kick off Jan. 19 win 351 gold

        Petchburi kick off with national sport student at ผลบอล Diamond Games 19 Jan 32 cities. This is 31 kinds of sport competitions win 351 gold medals, with ground beef is a traditional animal mascot named Thomas "I palm, with "Nong apple" will begin racing on Jan 19-28.

     Dr., Deputy Director of National Development, the predominant Uฤdi Department of Physical Education Press conference as president of Student Sports. National Student No. 32 "City Diamond Games", with the Commercial Male Porn species. Governor of Phetchaburi province, Sinlapachai Nil Mani Vice President Sports, Petchaburi, Nakhon Apinan new Sen, Director, Office of Sports Tournament host Petchaburi. Press conference at the conference room Suphachalasai. National Stadium on January 14 last.


     Sports National Student No. 32 was held to encourage students to have the opportunity to train themselves to step up to compete at the youth national team for the "City Diamond Games" competition during Jan 19-28. . 54 Total 31 kinds of sports gamers.


     Including athletics, golf, karate - do, bike, sepak takraw, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, Eneboe, basketball, badminton, petanque, football, men - women, futsal Male - Female, Amateur Muaythai, boxing amateur , weightlifting, gymnastics, art, gymnastics style, judo, rugby, soccer, dancing, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball.


     Swimming, wushu, wood ball, snooker, hockey and handball while shooting sports competition, sports demonstrations, Ratchaburi the two types of pieces around the beach and handball. The debate all of the gold medal with 351 บอล officers and 7,280 athletes from 10 area of people to compete.


     Diamond Games for the city with ground beef animal is indigenous. Lucky animals (Thomas mascot) called "my palm" and "brother apple" is the name of a well-known host of Petchaburi on the facilities and accommodation are to help the police. Security both inside and outside the field. As well as providing field training and competition. Training coaches and judges all kinds of sport before the competition starts.


     Concurrent with the Commercial Male Porn varieties of diamonds that the city has left a welcome to all the brothers, Phetchaburi and nearby provinces to join the students and the encouragement for students. The descendants of the inhabitants of diamonds and other provinces. To be the future of the country. It also wants to invite people to come together to watch the games know that, Phetchaburi natural attractions. The mountains and the sea. The apple fruit is recommended that diamonds are the rainbow effect. The most delicious in the world. Hands back home as souvenirs, as well.






Throw Statement 150 L Sakhon invent a new course to boost Thai Union against express statements

Throw Statement 150 L Sakhon invent a new course to boost Thai Union against express statements 0.2.


     "Junk arrogant" Samut FC Team Dog Health Central Zone was 0.2 B. Thai Union Frozen. Manufacturer and exporter of seafood drive attached statements Car logo flower for 5 years worth of 5 million new stadium that used to play games in the home improvement is in the ground. Believe fans are defi ผลบอล nitely increasing.

       Active Team "junk arrogant" Samut FC team in the Central and Eastern Zone has the latest news on the new sponsors come Grants team next year, sources inside the club's "arrogant junk" FC Sakhon said.
                "In the upcoming 2011 season the team will have good news on. B. Thai Union Frozen. Manufacturer and exporter of frozen seafood's largest province Samut Sakhon Club will sponsor a season since 2011 onwards, the agreement is expected next chest logo shirt for 5 years worth of 5 million Baht
         It also received financial support from a team of beer Leo 2.5 hundred thousand more in the initial LEO will support a year in terms of male players. I also want to add a forward position. The team are aiming for zero feet, good front to add at least two cases, but can not disclose details such as Thai or foreign players, but in other places. Considered relatively fit already. Expected in late January about clubs are ready to launch officially next team. "
  Rang the new home is under smooth

       In addition, the new stadium of the team that has improved the stadium floor. Samut Sakhon is new. Now, the last club was prepared to hire a golf course to adjust the floor. Order will be deemed complete. The bleachers have to wait again for the budget period.
         Rooms on the athletes have prepared the container adapted to a room. Before the temporary stay. Including plans to launch a souvenir shop inside the field with the team believes that the new nest. Required standards in the บอล field over the past year and certainly in close proximity to major. Community should be easy access that fans are expected to increase over the past year certainly

       In the latest developments in building a new home rang Orange as Prime Mapkha district, Rayong is the list of properties last year Thung Amue Rangsee Deputy LTD. Team announced a clarification on that at this. This course will build upon our capacity. Both sides of the bleachers. The improvement in this field, we spend no less than 150 million, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year, certainly.






Lamp does not turn off chance Dolly King Kenny Hong permanent control

Lamp does not turn off chance Dolly King Kenny Hong permanent control.

        Damian Da Lamp Dolly director Kenny Liverpool ผลบอล does not turn off chance Dalglish Uunsืo oppose for a time Control teams will act permanent. If you can work well in the points this season, "King Kenny" qualified in all respects. And will have final authority in buying - selling all the players themselves.

     Dalglish was appointed to act temporarily Uunsืo control team finish this season after Liverpool recently released joint hot Ridge Lodge out of position. After the team performing poor extreme since come to Anfield and the latest lamp Dolly was revealed that former top spearheading age 59 years have the opportunity to sit in the chair, boss of "Liverpool" is a permanent also. together.
     "What we need is. Who would suit the club and the philosophy of play and ability to manage third party that is most important for the club. It is open to people that we think is appropriate to what I said remove it and Kenny was with that condition, "Dolly said lamp.
     Question that Dalglish will be considered or not Surface Dolly said "the answer is yes, it will be looking at the things we want to do. Goal that we want to We'll talk with Kenny about it and see if we will reach the point where ".
     Molly cattle confirmed that Dalglish will decide on buying - selling the players themselves all the time, adding that this duty. "We talk about how we work and we talked and exchanged at all. Change of ideas. "
     "As I said all along that if Kenny is not happy with the players we think will make the team better. Or he thinks that it is not the right time. It depends on the manager to say he was not satisfied. We do not have the opportunity to talk about buying - selling players to Kenny, because everything that happened. "
     "We are working on this issue. (Target acquisition) บอล and to trace the owner and I have to adjust to date with Kenny for what happened. But I do not think it would have happened. Because it is a very difficult market and we have to be careful with what we do, "Dolly said lamp.






Nattapong Saint surfing championship last year doctoral Sci. Sanam 3

Nattapong Saint surfing championship last year doctoral Sci. Sanam 3.

        Nattapong Poe Nopparat forces ผลบอล squeeze the end to win Major Boon Sawat RS model X over all fighting to dominate the Wind Surf Championship Thailand 2553 Round 3 last year on 9 January the past.

     Competition Wind Surf Championship Thailand 2553 Annual Course 3, during the Jan. 54 and 7-9 on Jan. 9 last, the final day of competition. The RS model X over all the competition, 6 Race, which all three days is tougher each other. Between the two surfer new Thai Nung Natthapong Poe's and doctoral Nopparat Sawat merit, but with Lee Hyun of South Korea after a party.


     After 6 Race Results showed that Natthapong Poe Nopparat show superior form. The Department Wins a successful performance for the University can only rank 2 and Lee Hyundai, but the third, but overall the field has become the third University of merit Sawat.


     The results of the competition the other versions are as follows: Model Miss Central on design men 1 Organic Sun Luck a Na (Indonesia), 2, Navin Sing Sa Limited (Thailand), 3, Electronic Gate Golden Sun Ba Kia Hinkle (. Indonesia), Miss Model Central Design on a woman who is rich and the blessings associated Ni Pa (Thai) and two extra flavor Sunaree (United Kingdom).


     Model Miss Central on Design Youth Category 1, Pat Danai China Inn บอล (Thai), the two Sirichai Phu Siri (Thailand), 3, Nat Non Chui (Thai), version Slalom over all the 1 Uthen. Sampao Thong (Thailand), the two roaring Prasert (Thailand), 3, Amara Fine Hong (Thailand), version Techno 293 female championship went to the filter glass surname Fang (Thailand), 2, Goh Sin Yee (Malaysia). 3, Chance and Drama Movie Su Perry Martin Lux a Na (Indonesia).


     For the techno version of 293 women in this "younger stars" Siriporn glass moon beauty did not compete. Center board because they are cut straight around the back of the ankle. During the training session. Led the team trainer. Has agreed to let younger stars. To stop immediately before my wounds are going to win competitive surfing Annual Asian Championships 2554 in Singapore. During this January 11 -17.


     Summary of competitive windsurfing software to be the champion of Thailand year 2553 from the integration points and 3 field are as follows: Navin Sing Sa Limited (Model Miss Central on design men) blessings associated Ni Pa rich results (Model Miss safe. Natural Design on women), Uthen Sampao Thong (version Slalom over all) and filter glass currency marrow (Version Techno 293 women).






Leng Ka Wa Car Pull Line promotion push

Leng Ka Wa Car Pull Line promotion push

        Media City a good ผลบอล Sir Alex Ferguson Borom Uunsืo Manchester United together, spending 720 million baht pull Shinji Car check revealed striker stars Bo Russia Sierra Dot Mart aims Sand in addition. army. After performing splendidly in the second half of the first season of Battle of Bun de League.

     "Red Devil" Manchester United Premier League leader in a herd aim grabbed Shinji Car check revealed a good striker, "yellow shirts" Dog Bone Russia Sierra North Grand Mun Bun de combat club League. In addition to offensive line as reported in "News Off The World" Lloyd tab books as the best city on Sunday, Jan. 9 last.


     Car check revealed the 21-year-old moved from the Serena chain in Osaka J. Battle - Japanese League players as "yellow shirts" on the past summer. Before doing outstanding work to beat eight goals in 17 games and took the team to win the crowd sat sergeant grabbed the tray Bun-Benz Championship League บอล this season.


     While Sir Alex Ferguson Uunsืo "Devil Red impressive diligence and dedication of the players Asian Park Chi - Song captain the national team, South Korea made pine pulled Car check revealed replaces Paul Coles Amidฟiedt Chom cool Awfully close to retired.


     Car check revealed at this time was helping to battle the Japanese National Team Asian Cup 2011 at Qatar. Which it is expected that Manchester United are ready to throw money of 15 million pounds (about 720 million) to win promotion to the army.






Hot Buffet Trondheim stupid not stop Siu Ba Noble aim with another gang

Hot Buffet Trondheim stupid not stop Siu Ba Noble aim with another gang.

        Hot Buffet specific media and Trondheim are aiming proposal won the Noble Bath wing Ryan Holland people also ripples of the Liverpool team. After missing the hope of opening the market to buy - sales are ผลบอล expected to last two times higher chance if "Red Machine" to get extra players along the offensive team.

     1899 Holiday Buffet Trondheim team battle Boon Des Liga Germany are trying to pull Ryan Ba Noble wing Dutch of "Liverpool" Liverpool of the Premier League to join the team to again. After your interest to sign this player wins the hand in the market. Buy - Sale open in two players from the last disclosure of the site. "Sky Sports" on Saturday, January 8 last.


     Marble Bar in the future of Anfield. Issues raised went to talk to each other when the person concerned can not prove himself. Into the plan team Uunsืo Roy Hot Lodge Ridge by to play a real game league, just one meeting only in this season and is expected to "Red Machine" will likely be open to accepting. Offer of the star players 24 years old at this time.


     This is expected that the Hot Buffet Trondheim remain ready to sign บอล a contract to ABLE grab the bar with a permanent team, no doubt. The terms major players in drafting this need, depending on whether Liverpool can replace players in the offensive line was not in the open market in January this






Pa Abstract markers do not believe Roy escaped swan

Pa Abstract markers do not believe Roy escaped swan. 

Hot Roy Lodge San Uunsืo experienced full confidence of Liverpool Daniel Action Marker turret after village dairy. Rice will not remove hair from Anfield. The market to buy - sell players in January is certainly open, even with Guy Curtain Olson Danish national team coach. Soccer team suggested a quick move. Because ผลบอล I do not want to be with "Liverpool" which is a problem so much in this season. Hot Lodge Ridge said, "never have any doubts about his future, I close with Morgan Mountain Olson and I do not believe even a minute one that he will take part involved about the club Liver Pool Re. You can forget it. If he said that he would like to see Da Real play excellently as a real continuity. That is another story. Now they fit perfect. He has played a regular So, the question will not come out. " The Action Marker has played just as real, just only four shots this season. And to play a secondary appointment in บอล the defeat Blackburn Rovers Blackburn Rovers 1-3 on Wednesday, January 5 in the past before the field can not be for a period of up to 3 months because of injury. disturb And agreement of the person concerned is Anfield until the summer of 2014.






Cichartoeuแegy! Strike ghost took off West remained home-ROM, 2-1 defeat.

Cichartoeuแegy! Strike ghost took off West remained home-ROM, 2-1 defeat.
"Red devil" Manchester United to form viscous win out when it is heavier than the slice-West Co-ROM Visual Weir 2-1 ha "Shi Charles River Auto, A's left for Sue De sperm sub strike goal again after Wayne Rooney was shooting, open-play is the first time since March last year and took the team stretched out to another defeat without statistics ผลบอล.

West Co-ROM Visual 1-2 Manchester United.

     Venue: The Horse The North Star.

     Roberto The Matteo is a Chris runs out penalty flat back down the field again, but the panel behind Gabriel paint mask and a hot Salo Hara stick penalty flat both the need. Pablo using the Electronic Door Ey left and Paul Tea Corner Center stands as a half-pair instead.

     Side Sir Alex Ferguson sent Thomas covered a ZAP C to guard towers instead of Edwin van der Sar, while Raphael da Silva has room to Gary Neville was down. right instead of standing back as Gabriel Barry O has a different need to walk down along the line of active game.

     3 minutes from Manchester United to 1-0 from the moment Gabriel O-Bear to take a different ball up the left side of the penalty area and then flow back a la carte River left waist Camera built up a high fly ball to open in the middle. Direct past Czech full back up to head home Wayne Rooney to escape the ground, heading, ricochet hand Scott CARSON into the two towers. The first goal from a stroke a regular game of Rooney since March last year, with

     13 minutes West Co-ROM 1-1 of visual rivalry by putting a long ball from the back of the Czech border to Peter O. Deck Wing Kee, but being new drugs Cinema Video Fishing, heading first. Ball comes to the deluge James Morrison beat boom with the right one from outside the penalty area. Insert the corner of the pillar jump ball cleanly first covered a Zack Thomas c and intelligence to prevent disease.

     Interchangeable fun game open 23 minutes West, home to fast-ROM Visual Auto Jerome Thomas SOB opportunities from outside the penalty area pull the trigger. But to a fly ball to win.

     Host has completed 26 minutes again, Chris is running out to shovel the ball from Michael Eric Car from the middle field Before dragging the ball came to face the penalty area. Immediately pull the trigger from 25 yards บอล distance across the beam to only a few balls.

     During the second minute. Of first half injury time in the West Co-ROM has a chance to win again, I Wish Oh Deck New Wing Kee scoop the ball down the middle of the field. Through open channels to Graham Door Rennes full run up by Saddam left the ball in the penalty area but the mesh siding.

     Timeout in the first 45 minutes West Co-ROM visual host a par with Manchester United is 1-1.

     53 second half minutes, you leave the place better than the left-side corner kick open the door to Paul Tea Corner penalty spot strike jump ball jump off the back pillar trim just draw

     62 minutes West Co-ROM rat visual lead from the penalty spot when they beat Rio. The information furnished to stand for Grand Jerome Thomas fell down, but Peter O Deck New Wings Hockey player fired the ball off too, leaving behind a pillar can not win.

     75 minutes is the red devil out to 2-1 when Wayne Rooney opened the door to the corner hardware platform. "The wealth of Chicha Auto" A's for faster de Mong Tung open any net

     Min 80 games the red devil to play loose and Hwid hit when Cher Rome Thomas dragged the ball to beat in the framework blame Thomas covered a ZAP exhausted right safe but Cinema drugs Video help to extract out of. immediately.

     Last minute Wayne Rooney will play hurt if he did not, but director Wai Chu labels carry pain 5 minutes of Fergie Uedฟan to help the team.

     The rest flocked to penetrate hard, but not Dyong night, ending the game Man U win the Knight International Limited invade West Co-ROM collection visual 2-1 victory outside the game 2 of 9 shots and did not lose anyone. Ja to the masses.

     List of players both teams.

     West Co-ROM Visual: Scott CARSON - Stephen Reed, Paul Tea Corner, Pablo Impact Bun Ey left, to direct Czech Republic - James Morrison, Chris. a home run out, U Super Luck new software, Moody Blue, Graham Door Rennes, Jerome Thomas - Peter O Deck New Wing Kee.

     Manchester United: Thomas Kun send Zack C - Gary Neville, Cinema drugs Video Beach, Rio Furnish The long Dowd, a la carte River left waist Bora, Michael Cars, Rick, a Daniel. COPD, Darren flex safe Fischer, Gabrielle Barry-O to a different, not paint The Lofts Harbour League, Wayne Rooney.






Disciples, "Red Army"

Disciples, "Red Army" Seng follow the same after Wayne Rooney spearheading the blood boiling, Manchester United were injured ankle, left in the game winning West Co-ROM visual Al Bia 2. -1 on Saturday ผลบอล last. Resulting in all the right help concerned Ebraๆ 2 weeks ever.

Wayne Rooney England striker of Manchester United soccer powers of the Premier League. Sun break again after the ankle injury that left in the game cut West Co-ROM Visual AL premiums as 2-1 on Saturday, January 1 last. Results in 2 weeks to recover the body.

"Runes" makes shooting the "Red Devil" บอล from 3 minutes in this match but unfortunately after the injury to Chris connector to run out and need to cure the sideline. And have to walk a mine dart Lok act Phe into the field again, as the male Manchester United reserve player now.

Sir Alex Ferguson Borom Uunsืo "red devil" to see the injuries of the disciples loved that. "This injury, it seems that he would ever have to stay two weeks."